Reliance Run 2015

Best wishes for Reliance friends. Run 12 Thousand Foots With Reliance

Best wishes for Reliance friends. We thank you for the good relations and cooperation with Reliance so far. 7th March, 12 years ago Reliance was born amid Indonesian society, running the work as a financial institution committed to succeeding the community where Reliance is. 12 is a number that Reliance interpret as a transition from 1 to 2, which is now Reliance already “one step ahead” as a financial institution that has a complete and integrated solutions for world-class products and services. “Reliance is your reliable partner”. To appreciate this moment, we intend to invite Reliance friends to do a “join promotion” in Reliance Run 2015, titled “Run 12 Thousand Foots with Reliance” followed by more than 3.000 participants from the generalcommunity of runners, a network of over 5 million Reliance customers and employees at Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan and the “Car Free day Sudirman” area, with attendance expected to reach 4,000 people. It is our hope that reliance friends can play an active role in this activity where otherwise Reliance can also give valuable contribution to Reliance’s friend.

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