Reliance Insurance Opens Reli Priority Prime Service at OMNI Hospitals Cikarang

Reli Priority

Jakarta – Ahead of the 2020 national customer day, Reliance Insurance inaugurates the Reli Priority Officer counter at OMNI Hospitals Cikarang, Wednesday (2/9/2020).

The Grand Launching counter was attended by the Director of Operation Reliance Insurance, Mr. Armon Trifery and OMNI Head of Sales Hospital Cikarang, Mr. Agustinus.

Reli Priority Officer is a premium / special priority service for ARI Insurance participants in hospitals certain who have collaborated with ARI. Where Participants can go directly to Reliance special counters and will be served priority by the personal care officer and get a free room class upgrade.

“This is a milestone for Reliance itself, the first priority service for Reliance. This is a great opportunity good and good for all, especially at OMNI CIkarang,” said Director Operation Reliance Insurance, Mr. Armon Trifery at on the sidelines of the inauguration.

In the launch yesterday, the clients were very enthusiastic about Reliance Insurance’s initial service. “This service makes it easy we as users when entering and leaving the hospital the administration is faster. This is one breakthrough Very good from Reliance, “said Mrs. Hayati, Client from PT MTAT Indonesia.

The same thing was said by Liana, a client of PT Sanoh Indonesia. He said the Reli Priority service would make it easier participants for the future. “This is a very good innovation, the health insurance process from Reliance can be faster effective,” he said.

Later, this Priority Rally service will also be present at Siloam Cikarang Hospital and is scheduled to have a grand launching on September 7, 2020. (RR) ( RR )

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