Reliance Indonesia Insurance Wins “Best Syariah Awards 2020”

Best Syariah 2020

Jakarta – Asuransi Reliance Indonesia (Reliance Insurance) won the title of ‘Best Sharia Insurance 2020’ for the category of Sharia General Insurance with assets less than 100 billion rupiah, at the Best Syariah Awards 2020 by Investor Magazine which took place virtually and broadcast live BeritaSatu TV, Tuesday (20/10/2020).

Officially operating since early January 2016, PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia Sharia Business Unit has served more than 500,000 customers spread across Indonesia through a variety of sharia insurance products targeting various segments, both retail, corporate, MSME and commercial.

From time to time PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia Sharia Business Unit continues to develop both internally, operationally, as well as business and product development and is committed to providing excellent service to customers and partners, until finally winning the title of ‘Best Sharia Insurance 2020’ by the Investor Magazine.

President Director of PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia, Mardiana said “Will continue to increase the contribution and role in the national sharia insurance industry by providing innovative products and optimal services on an ongoing basis to be at the forefront and take part in supporting the development of the sharia economy in Indonesia”.

In line with the development of its business and also in order to comply with OJK’s provisions concerning Separation of Sharia Units, PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia Sharia Business Unit has submitted a Work Plan for Separation of Sharia Units to OJK to establish a full-fledge sharia general insurance company by 2024.

“We, all Reliance Insurance management and staff, welcome this achievement with great joy, of course we will not stop here, Reliance Insurance is optimistic that it can offer a variety of protection according to sharia principles to people in Indonesia to all corners of the archipelago,” said Mardiana. ( ARI )

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