Reliance Insurance Wins “Iconomics Syariah Award 2021”

Syariah Award 2021

Jakarta – Reliance Insurance won another award in the field of Islamic finance at the Iconomics Syariah Award 2021 as The Best Sharia Unit General Insurance in the Webinar and Virtual Award 2021 Sharia Iconomics Award with the theme “Challenges & Opportunities for the 2021 Sharia Economic Ecosystem”, Friday (29/01/2021).

The title of “The Best Sharia Unit General Insurance” is a form of appreciation given to the Best Sharia Companies, which fundamentally have good and potential business performance and business in the future. The assessment is carried out on the company’s financial performance in the last two years based on research conducted by Iconomics.

Indonesia, with a majority of more than 87% of its population is Muslim, has a great potential to develop a greater Sharia economy where according to data from the Global Islamic Economy Indicator (GIEI) 2020, currently the development of the Islamic economy in Indonesia is still below that of other countries. such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and is in the 6th position in the world.

Seeing this opportunity, Reliance Indonesia Insurance through its sharia business unit strives to meet the needs and desires of customers by issuing various innovations and initiatives, including through the development of insurance products in accordance with sharia principles.

Officially operating since early January 2016, until 2020 PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia Sharia Business Unit has served more than 500,000 customers, spread throughout Indonesia through a variety of sharia insurance products targeting various segments both retail, corporate, MSMEs and commercial. ( ARI )

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