Reliance Healthcare

Reliance Healthcare


Reliance Healthcare provide reimbursement guarantees for reasonable medical expenses for each participant, either due to physical incapacity or accidental injury without reducing the quality of service required.

Guarantees offered include Major Inpatient Guarantee and extension of coverage, including Outpatient, Dental Care, Maternity and Glasses.

Benefits of the benefits of Reliance Healthcare Insurance include:

  • Benefits can be adjusted with the benefits that apply in the Company (tailor made).

  • Usage can be done worldwide for 24 hours a day.

  • Providing the freedom to choose Hospitals, Doctors and Pharmacies that have permission from authorized installations.

Inpatient ensures:

  • Heart Operative Measures

  • Operative Action Cysts and Cancer Endometriosis

  • Kemotheraphy / Radiotheraphy Kidney Failure, Hemodialysis

  • Circumcision with medical indication for participants <= 2 years old

  • Hernia for participants aged > 12 yearsHospitalization due to Complications of pregnancy and after delivery for married women

 Outpatient ensures:

  • Specialist Doctor without referral of general practitioner

  • Acupunctur performed by doctors and aims not for aesthetics

  • Vitamins and Foods Supplements prescribed by doctors, in accordance with medical indications, aim for healing, not stand alone and not MLM products.

Maternity ensures:

  • Cost of delivery per pregnancy without surgery or surgery

  • Miscarriage

  • Pre and postnatal examination

Dental ensures:

  • Basic dental care costs

  • Gum treatment

  • Preventive care

  • Treatment complex

  • Maintenance improvements

  • Replacement of dentures

Glasses ensures:

  • Eyeglass lenses

  • Eyeglass frames



ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate of Quality Management System has been achieved by Reliance since May 16, 2012, for new certificate May 17, 2018. With the certification of the international standard implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS), Reliance ensures a commitment to being able to provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements consistently, by having effective system applications including mechanisms for system improvement itself on an ongoing basis.

Customer Care One Stop Solution

All communications with customers, both customers of Health Insurance and General Insurance is done through one door of Customer Care.

  • Routinely conduct visits to customers in order to provide reports and evaluation of services, benefit usage reports and claims reports.

  • Routinely analyze TOP 10 Diagnosis of diseases that can be used as an evaluation for customers in order to perform preventive measures needed to maximize the comfort of the work environment.

  • Routinely perform analysis on TOP 10 Provider showing Hospital and Clinic reports that become the favorite choice of insurance participants.

Pre-verify Claim Max 7 working days


Claim document will be taken by Analyst for pre-verification reimbursement process on time: Reimbursement of claim will be paid max. 7 working days after complete document received.

Claim Payment Flexibility

Payment transfers can be selected into Company account or Employee Account. Claims Payment Report: After each payment is made, a softcopy notification will be sent to personal in charge (PIC).

Provider Network (Hospital dan Clinic)

More than 800 providers throughout Indonesia with direct cooperation agreement and full management. Customers may request additional providers

Reliance Provider Show Card

Participants present the Member Card and ID to the Administration Staff

Participants do not have to pay at the time of treatment

Excess claim is not billed at the time of treatment

Reliance Admedika Provider Swipe Card

Participants submit the Participant Card and ID to the Administration Staff to verify membership and benefits

Participants do not have to pay at the time of treatment

Especially for Inpatient, HRD Manager can confirm late payment of excess claim

Hotline Service 24 Hours All Years

Toll-Free 0800 1000327

Hotline Center 24 Hours with an Experienced Paramedics

Reliance Hotline

T 021 8082 3177

F 021 5793 0328

SMS Hotline

081 789 7354

0815 1947 9123

Reliance Ad-Medika

021 500811

Daily In-patient Report

Hotline Doctor (Working Hour) for Second Medical Opinion 0817 018 7354