APRIL 2017

Reliance Group again held its 12th Annual Outing activities with all Reliance Group employees at Mambruk Hotel, Anyer on 1-2 April 2017.

Outing’s activity with Communications and Transformations theme is proving Reliance Group’s commitment in developing Human Resources located in Reliance, as well as a forum for fostering communications and togetherness of Reliance Group’s family.

Different with the previous, outing was differentiated into managerial and executive levels. It aims to create harmony in order to achieve the vision, mission, and targets of Reliance Group.

After a day of outing activities, the event continued with a Gala Dinner held at Pendopo Hotel Mambruk, Anyer. The Gala Dinner was a festive occasion because every business unit featured an entertaining stage act.

Every business unit appearance is also competed for the Reliance Group’s Reliable Cup. This year, the business unit of PT Asuransi Reliance Indonesia (ARI) successfully defended their title as the first winner. Followed by PT Reliance Investment Manager as the 2nd Winner and PT Reliance Sekuritas Indonesia as the 3rd Winner.

The next day, Reliance Group organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Hotel Mambruk, Anyer.

The event titled “Reliance Sharing of Love” aims to represent the Company’s contribution to the surrounding environment development. “Reliance Sharing of Love” is conducted in conjunction with regular Reliance Group outing activities every year. Through “Reliance Sharing Love”, Reliance Group delivers compensation to 38 orphans who live around Mambruk Hotel, Anyer. In addition, one of the foundations that oversees local orphans also get aid donations and electronic equipment.