1.  Q: Are all participants free to choose Hospital or Doctor for treatment?

     A: Yes

2.  Q: Are accidents outside of occupational accidents borne?

      A: Yes

3.  Q: Will receipts paper or notes can be regarded as receipts?

      A: “Struk/nota/bon” is not a receipt (kwitansi) so filing a claim with “struk/nota/bon” can not get a replacement.

           Claim submission should be use a receipt (kwitansi).

4.  Q: Can participants redeem drugs outside of partner hospitals even if they are prescribed by the practicing

           physician at the partner hospital?

      A: Yes they can, with reimbursement system. However, the participant must inform during the claim

           submission that the consultation was done at the partner’s Hospital and details of the hospital’s name and

           date of treatment.

5.  Q: Is the claim can be payable by Reliance Insurance if you previously treated with other insurance and occurred

          after the past policy period?

      A: Can be paid by Reliance Insurance throughout the policy period accompanied by previous illness history.

6.  Q: If the participant has two private insurance policies, can double claim directly for the participant during


      A: No, they can’t, the participant must choose one that belongs. However, participants may apply for a

           co-insurance to one of the private Insurance to pay the difference in claims paid by the first Insurance.

7.  Q: How can participants be aware of the medication drugs administered by the Hospital when hospitalization

          can be pledged by Reliance Insurance?

     A: Participants can contact the Reliance Hotline or, generaly, the Hospital will notify the participants if there is a

          drug that is not included in the Reliance Insurance guarantee.

8.  Q: If there is a newborn baby and it turns out the genitals are problematic whether to be pledged?

      A: Not guaranteed because the disease is a congenital birth defect.

9.  Q: How do employees know the remaining benefits of Reliance Insurance?

      A: Participants can directly call the 24 hour Hotline of Reliance Insurance

10. Q: Is the purchase of over-the-counter medicines guaranteed?

       A: Reliance Insurance does not guarantee over-the-counter medicines, every purchase of medicines should be

           on the recommendation of the Doctor.

11. Q: Is the purchase of over-the-counter medicines such as balm, baby oil, eucalyptus oil can be borne?

      A: That’s doesn’t covered.

12. Q: Is the allergy test can be guaranteed?

       A: Yes, if referred by a doctor for medical indication and not for screening.