1. Q: Can Endometriosis Be Guaranteed?

A: Yes, with the record of endometriosis is not related to efforts to have offspring (infertility).

2. Q: Will Reliance give a guarantee for the revocation operation of the Pen if previously not using Reliance Insurance?

A: Guaranteed by Reliance Insurance by including a history of previous operations when filing a claim to Reliance Insurance, as it is a follow-up operation.

3. Q: How much limit number of operations in a policy period?

A: None, warranty is granted as long as the annual limit still exists and is not included in the policy exclusion.

4. Q: How long Reliance Insurance can issue a guarantee letter to the hospital during the inpatient process?


*) Underwriters for inpatient care can be processed after complete medical information is received by Reliance Insurance. Inpatient Guarantee is given maximum within 1×24 hours after participant is admitted to Inpatient.

*) Discharges are processed within 20 minutes after the Hospital sends out billing and complete inpatient files.

5. Q: If the participant has several times taken outpatient consultation, then the doctor refers participants to the hospitalization, can the costs incurred during the outpatient consultation to be included in the hospitalization (inpatient) limit?

A: During outpatient care is associated with an inpatient diagnosis and performed within 30 days before hospitalization, the outpatient consultation fee may go to benefit checks prior to hospital treatment.

6. Q: What are the complications of pregnancy?

A: Ensure medical expenses arising from Inpatient due to complications caused by pregnancy and within 40 days after maternity, include excessive vomiting, increased blood pressure (hypertension) in pregnancy, diabetes due to pregnancy, bleeding that occurs during pregnancy/after maternity. Where hospitalization is done with the aim of maintaining the fetus.

7. Q: Will the invoice be included to inpatient benefit if when in the hospitalization due to pregnancy until maternity process has a complications?

A: No, it won’t. The cost will be divided into the cost of pregnancy complications in hospitalization and the benefits of childbirth.

8. Q: What are the pre and post hospitalization requirements?


*) Pre-inpatient will be guaranteed if treatment ends with hospitalization at the Hospital. The hospitalized doctor does not have to be the same as the outpatient physician but the diagnosis should be related to the hospitalization diagnosis.

*) Post-inpatient will be guaranteed if treatment has done by the same doctor during hospitalization, unless there are other conditions that can be proved by a recommendation letter from the treating doctor.

9. Q: How is the provision if the participants are treated before the policy ends and post hospitalization after the policy expires? How the guarantee conditions for pre and post hospitalization?

A: Maintenance costs will be guaranteed during the policy period, for inpatient costs will be guaranteed by the previous period but the cost of post-inpatient will be guaranteed by the new period as agreed policy conditions. No, the fee will be divided into the cost of pregnancy complication at hospitalization and benefits of participant maternity.

10. Q: How if the insurance card is lost and the participant needs treatment?

A: Alternatives that can be used by participants:

1) Participants may use lower rooms of their rights

2) Participants occupy rooms according to agreed tolerance

3) The participant moves to the Reliance Insurance Network Hospital and occupies the appropriate room. Participants may contact our 24 hour Hotline to help locate other nearby Hospitals.

4) Hospital use outside of such provision will lead to claims excess

11. Q: What can be guaranteed for accidental dental care?

A: Guaranteed fee is the cost of stopping the massive bleeding that occurs in the oral area where the bleeding is due to an accident. But for tooth replacement is not guaranteed.

12. Q: If the illness is not treated stay but treatment more than 8 hours can it be guaranteed on Inpatient?

A: Yes, if there is a diagnosis in accordance with medical indication and on recommendation from the treating doctor.

13. Q: Do small surgery actions that do not require hospitalization should be performed at the Hospital?

A: Small operations that do not require hospitalization can be done at a licensed Clinic / Hospital and also performed by a licensed physician.

14. Q: Will cataract surgery be guaranteed?

A: Yes, but excludes any implant lens installation (IOL).