1. Q: Is lasik borne?

A: No.

2. Q: If there is a participant who will claim glasses with the condition of only one eye that is more than or equal to 0.5, whether the claim can be processed?

A: Can be processed as long as referrals from an ophthalmologist.

3. Q: Is the cost of contact lenses can be guaranteed?

A: Contact lenses are guaranteed according to benefit of participant’s glasses with minus terms ≥ -0.5, while for plus ≥ +0.5 which is proven by prescription of ophthalmologist. Contact lenses are guaranteed as a substitute for eyewear lens claims.

4. Q: If there is a difference in minus / plus amounts between ophthalmologist and optician, will it be guaranteed by Reliance Insurance?

A: Reliance Insurance will guarantee the appropriate examination of an ophthalmologist, not based on optical data.

5. Q: To make a claim glasses should be accompanied by an eye refraction letter examined by an ophthalmologist?

A: Must be accompanied by a letter of refraction examined by an ophthalmologist.