1. Q: How the coverage for a specialist in outpatient benefits if the physician take any action in the room?

A: Actions performed by a specialist are guaranteed on the benefits of consulting a specialist on outpatient benefits.

2. Q: Are medications in physiotherapy prescribed by doctors can be guaranteed?

A: Guaranteed on the benefits of physiotherapy.

3. Q: If you do not use claim form at the time of outpatient, can it be processed by Reliance Insurance?

A: Can be processed with a diagnostic note written on a receipt by a doctor, there is a doctor stamp and a doctor’s SIP number checking and there is a copy of the recipes behind the receipt.

4. Q: Can a prescription drug be redeemed repeatedly (itter)?

A: Guaranteed for special diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, and at the time of treatment, please inform to the doctor for a recur recipe . This recipe is guaranteed 2 times use only.

5. Q: If the receipt issued by the Doctor is a combination of the services of the Doctor and the medicine, should the participants ask the doctor to separate the cost of the Doctor’s services and the cost of the medicine?

A: For all receipts that are a combination of the cost of Doctor’s services and the medicine, ask your doctor or clinic to specify the cost of the Doctor’s services and the cost of the medicine. Such information is necessary to ensure reasonable and prevalent costs.

6. Q: Did Reliance Insurance can guarantee for eye diseases such as eye irritation and others outside of refraction?

A: Guaranteed and entered into outpatient benefits.