P.A Insurance Claim


In the event of an accident that is guaranteed policy, then:

  • Insured must immediately take steps to obtain assistance for the necessary treatment and care of injuries from a doctor.

  • Insured or the legal representative or his family shall inform PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia within 5 (five) calendar days (unless agreed otherwise) since the accident to PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia. Notice is made in writing or orally, followed in Written to PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia.

  • In the event of death as a result of an accident, the Insured Heirs or family must:

  1. Report to the local village chief (Lurah) to get a Death Certificate

  2. Request a Certificate of Inspection Bodies (Visum et Repertum) from a doctor or hospital, and

  3. Provide a chance to the Insurer to conduct an audit body (if possible before the implementation of the cemetery or burning of the bodies(cremation).

  • If the obligations of the above are not met then all rights to compensation or reimbursement is void.

  • Miscellaneous Insurance

    Other Property Insurance that have not been mentioned above will be classified as different products, including; Money Transfer Insurance, MoneySaving Insurance, Theft Insurance with burglary, Hole in One Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Liability Insurance, Advertising boardsInsurance, etc.


In the event of an accident that might lead to demands substitute for, the Insured shall submit the documents supporting the claim as follows:

  • A claim form and accident Chronology following the accident that occurred

  • Original policy and proof of premium payment

  • Copy of resident identity card (KTP)

  • Copy of Family Card (KK)

  • Police Interrogation Certificate (BAP)

  • Reimbursement evidence from other parties or ASTEK (if any)

  • X-ray photograph (if available)

  • In the event that the insured died :

  1. Certificate Regarding Bodies Examination Results (Visum et Repertum)

  2. Copy of Death Certificate from the Village chief (Lurah) or the local Polic

  3. Letter to witnesses

  • In the event that the insured / that insured were loss :

  1. Certificate About Accidents and authorities termination of Search

  2. Statement from the heirs that they would restore the benefit when the insured / that insured rediscovered alive.

  • In the event that the insured / that insured suffered permanent disability :

  1. Examination Certificate (Visum) of physicians doing the medication & treatment.

  2. Certificate of witnesses.

  • Original receipt from doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, in the case of the insured / that insured undergoing treatment or medication.

    If original receipts are used to obtain reimbursement from the insurance which is mandatory then the Insured must submit a photo copy of a receiptthat has been legalized by the compulsory insurance company.

  • Other supporting documents that are relevant, appropriate and worthy of requested by the Insurer in relation with settlement of claims.


Payment of claims for reimbursement will be done by PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia to the Insured / Insured Heirs who is named in the Schedule at the latest within 30 (thirty) days from the existence of a written agreement between the Insurer and the Insured on the claim amount to be paid.