1. Q: What are some things to consider when making a cashless inpatient service provider claim?

A: Some of them are:

*) Show your insurance card and identity card to the registration officer.

*) Fill out the Inpatient form provided by the Hospital.

*) If the cost of treatment approved by the Insurance is less than the medical expenses incurred, then the difference in the cost of care is borne by the participants.

*) If the participant wants to find out more about the fees that are not guaranteed in the Participant Policy, please contact 24 hour Hotline.

2. Q: Why is the administration for the return from hospitalization or childbirth taking a long time?

A: The hospital has standard procedures each of which takes an average of 3-4 hours. If participants are constrained on return home from the hospital, please contact our 24 hour Hotline.

3. Q: How is the guarantee provision due to an accident?

A: For accidental guarantee must first fill the chronology of the accident and complete the valid driver’s license (if the participant as the rider). If in accordance with the provisions it can be guaranteed as per rights. If only done a light treatment and outpatient then apply the benefits of emergency guarantees due to accidents during treatment is done within 1×24 hours.

4. Q: Is the card allowed to be left at the Hospital during outpatient due to interference on the EDC card machine?

A: No, it may cause abuse of the card by others. If there is some interference on the EDC machine immediately contact our 24 hour Hotline.

5. Q: What if you go for a mass treatment then the doctor prescribes to be redeemed, can the medicine be guaranteed by Reliance Insurance?

A: Can be guaranteed by reimbursement. At the time of submission of the claim, the participant must attach the reimbursement claim form that has been filled by the doctor and attach the receipt of the drug purchase.

6. Q: Why when the remaining swipe card benefits still exist but then there are excess follow-ups

A: Chances are that the data or balance during the last swipe card has not been updated with the claim of reimbursement occurring (there is a difference in input time). We can provide proof of benefit to the participant if desired.

7. Q: How do participants reduce the excess claims?

A: The claim excess occurs due to the use of treatments that do not match or exceed their rights. Therefore, it is advisable for the participants to wisely choose the Hospital and the treatment room in accordance with their rights.

8. Q: What if the participants did not bring the card when they were treated?

A: Treatments apply reimbursement.

9. Q: What if the insurance card is lost and the participant needs treatment?

A: Participants may contact representatives of participating companies (PIC or HRD) or contact our 24 hour Hotline for further clarification.

10. Q: What are the claim documents to be completed for treatment abroad?

A: Terms and claim documents are the same as the claim requirements in Indonesia.

11. Q: What if the card is rejected and the participants are required to pay the down payment or all fees?

A: Please contact our 24 hour Hotline Officer as stated in the participant card or manual.

12. Q: If in case of operation there is a category difference between Hospital and Reliance Insurance, which category is used?

A: According to the Policy still refers to the Reliance Insurance surgery category.

13. Q: Will Reliance Insurance provide reimbursement if we go to Mantri, Midwife, or Sinse?

A: No, Reliance Insurance acknowledges only treatment performed by a doctor who has a medical practice license recognized by the Ministry of Health as a standard medical service in Indonesia.