Vehicle Insurance Claim


  • Provide claims handling and settlement guidance of motor vehicles so that each process can be carried out properly, accurately and timely.

  • Facilitate the implementation and control procedures.


  • Claims of vehicles include:

  1. Partial Loss claims

  2. Total Loss claims

  3. Third Party Liability claims

  • This guidelines and procedures are valid to motor vehicle insurance claims submitted through the central office.


  • Management: Management consists of the Directors of PT. Asuransi Reliance Indonesia.

  • Preliminary Loss Advice: Reports temporary losses, addressed to the Reinsurance

  • Definite Loss Advice: Laporan Kerugian Akhir/Pasti, ditujukan kepada pihak Reasuradur

  • Cash Payment Loss: The provisions in the agreement (Treaty), that if the loss exceeds a certain value, the company can request payment from the Reinsurance prior losses.


4.1. Claims Approval Authority

Authority to sign and approve the motor vehicle claims are regulated as follows :

  • Claim up to Rp. 10.000.000,- for simple cases and Non-Ex-Gratia required verification from the Supervisor for approval from the Assistant Manager

  • Claims ranging from Rp. 10.000.000,- up to Rp. 100,000,000,- required verification from the Assistant Manager for approval of Technical GM

  • Beyond the items a & b above, verification is required from the Assistant Manager and Technical GM. to further approval from Management, provided at least two signatures of Management

4.2. The process of publishing the letter of instruction

  • No later than within 2 (two) working days after the estimated cost of loss / damage received, the DSS should be issued, unless there is a problem that has not been completed between Reliance Insurance with the insured.


The Insured, after knowing or should have known the loss and or damage to Motor Vehicles and or interest insured, shall :

  • Notify the Insurer in written or orally, followed by writing to the Insurer no later than 5 (five) calendar days from the occurrence of loss or damage

  • Reported to and receive a certificate from at least the Police Sector (polsek) an the crime scene, in the event of loss or damage caused in part by the theft or involving third parties, which can be used as a basis for demanding compensation to or from third parties

  • Reported to and receive a certificate from the Regional Police (Polda) on the crime scene in terms of total losses due to theft


List of documents to be completed by the Insured :

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  • Survey Reportsy

  • Estimated cost of repair / replacement

  • Work letter of instruction


The survey must be conducted against all claims, immediately after receiving the report claims unless there is a problem of payment of premium or policy validation that experienced losses. Which must be completed at the time of the survey are :

  • Photos of Motor Vehicles who suffered losses

  • Photograph of the scene (if necessary)

  • Bukti cek fisik kendaraan (nomor mesin dan nomor rangka)

  • Laporan survey/laporan kerusakan.

In the event of loss and or damage to Motor Vehicles and or interest insured, the Insurer is entitled to determine the choice of how to make restitution as follows :

  • Repairs in the workshop designated or approved by the Insurer.

  • Cash payments

  • Replacement parts or vehicles in accordance with the brand, type, model and same year as stated on the policy

Insurers must complete compensation payments within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the existence of written agreement between the Insurer and the Insured of the amount of compensation to be paid.